3rd March A.D. 1575 Battle Was Fought At Turkra Or Turkra Qasba And Afghans Routed

MUGHALS                                                                                                        69
of them Ptimad Khan invited Akbar to restore peace and order there. Akbar responded with alacrity and arrived at Ahmadabad on November 20, A.D. 1572 and made adequate arrangements ffr its administration. The erstwhile state was constituted into a Suba of the empire and 'Aziz Kokah was appointed as Subaddr. But soon after the departure of the emperor troubles flared up again. Muhammad Husain Mirza at once opened the siege of Surat and seized Broach and Cambay, while Ikhtiyaru'1-Mulk advanced towards Ahmadabad. The whole of Gujarat was on fire. When Akbar received the report of this widespread rebellion, he left Agra on August 23, A.D. 1573 and by forced marches arrived at Ahmadabad on the eleventh day. The emperor delivered a concerted attack on the rebels and pacified the province.
Simultaneously with Gujarat, Bengal and Bihar also became a source of anxiety to the emperor. Among the Afghan leaders, one Sulaiman Karrani emerged triumphant. He assumed the title of Hazrat Ali and established his capital at Tanda. He was on friendly terms with the Uzbeg leaders who held j-dgirs in the eastern districts of the Mughal empire. When the Uzbeg rebellion failed, Sulaiman held out the hand of peace towards Mun'Tm Khan to whom the emperor had assigned the jagirs previously held by the insurgents. Sulaiman died in A.D. 1572 and was succeeded by his elder son Bayazld who was killed a few months later. Then Da'ud was proclaimed Sultan. He repudiated the treaty made by Sulaiman. Upon this the emperor ordered Mun'Tm Khan to attack Patna. Akbar himself left Agra on June 20, A.D. 1574. HajTpur was captured on August 7. Da'ud fled and Patna fell into the hands of the Mughals. Appointing Mun'Tm Khan as the supreme commander, Akbar returned to Agra, leaving instructions for the conquest of Bengal.
Soon Mun'Im Khan occupied Tanda, the new capital, and drew plans for driving out the Afghans from Bengal. Da'ud and his followers fled to Orissa where they continued their rebellious activities. Todar Mai marched to deal with them. He was joined by Mun'Im Khan. On March 3, A.D. 1575 a battle was fought at Tukra or Turkra Qasba (in the Balasore district) in which the Afghans were routed. They were pursued upto Cuttack. Driven to despair Da'ud sued for peace which was concluded, Mun'Tm

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