4th March 1879 Bethunes` College For Women Started In Kolkata (Calcutta)

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Established in 1879, Bethune College ushered in, for the women of the nineteenth century, a new era of enlightenment and edification through education. This is a Government College under the aegis of the Department of Higher Education, West Bengal. Accredited in 2006 with the ‘A’ grade and having acquired the coveted status of College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) by UGC and recognised by DST-FIST. Bethune College has celebrated 135 long years of tireless striving for knowledge which enriches the mind and ennobles the soul.

The mission of the College has always been the development of a complete woman. Bethune College is committed to the cause of empowerment of women from all sectors including those who are socially and economically deprived through access to higher education enabling them to transform into intellectually vibrant, socially responsible, self-reliant women. Today women are leaders who epitomise the human values of caring, sharing and re-building societies sans stress and violence. The College provides literary and scientific education as well as empowers the students to be honest citizens of the nation.The motto of the College “Vidya Vindatey Amritam” means ‘knowledge provides immortal bliss.’ The three glowing lamps – centrally for ‘knowledge’ side by side ‘humanity’ and ‘transparency’, and the wheel for ‘dynamism through exercise’ constitute the emblem.

The goal of Bethune College is to endow its learners with access to higher education through quality teaching-learning process. The College has always attempted to support and sustain the vision of John Elliot Drinkwater Bethune who paved the path of progress for women by liberating them from their shackled existences and by illumining their future with the help of education.

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