Today In History -13th March

Today in Indian History
Events for March 13

13-March-1800 Nana Phadanvis (Balaji Janardan Bhanu), veteran leader of Peshwa Kingdom, died.
13-March-1857 Lord William Pit, Governer General of India (1823-28), passed away.
13-March-1878 The Vernacular Press Act was passed which subsequently made the Amrita Bazar Patrika of Calcutta an English newspaper.
13-March-1915 Keshao Govind Jodh, social reformer, politician and lawyer, was born in Yevada, Maharashtra.
13-March-1938 Hitler merged Austria in Germany.
13-March-1940 Michael O’ Dyer, former Governor of Punjab, was shot by Udham Singh in Caxton Hall at point-blank range in full view of a large gathering in London.
13-March-1947 Lord Louis Mountbatten took charge as Viceroy of British India. He ruled upto 14th August, 1947.
13-March-1958 Vallathol Narayana Menon, great freedom fighter, poet, literateur and writer,died at the age of 80.
13-March-1963 Indian Govenment announced ‘Arjun Awards’ to boost the morale of various sports personalities.
13-March-1971 Fifth General Election of India ends.
13-March-1978 Ghulam Mustafa Guard, cricketer (3 wkts in 2 Tests for India), passed away.
13-March-1989 The first straw fired thermal power plant was laid in Jakhari village of Punjab.
13-March-1991 President R. Venkataraman dissolves the Lok Sabha.
13-March-1992 K. S. Niranjan, famous Kannad author, passed away.
13-March-1992 Indumati Ramkrishna Shevde, famous writer, critic and painter, passed away.
13-March-1996 Wills World Cup Cricket semi final (India vs Sri Lanka) at Calcutta abandoned due to unruly crowd behaviour. Sri Lanka enters final.
13-March-1997 Sister Nirmala Joshi, 63, is chosen to succeed Mother Teresa as the Superior-General of Missionaries of Charity.
13-March-1997 H. D. Deve Gowda, Prime Minister, presented the G. K. Reddy Memorial Award to Shekhar Gupta, Chief Editor of The Indian Express.
13-March-2000 Parliament approves TRAI Bill seeking to bifurcate it into a Tribunal and a Regulator, with the Rajya Sabha passing the measure by a voice vote.

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