Kathmandu-Pokhara Earthquake-Nepal Spread To North India-25th April 2015

Nepal earthquake: latest

Nepal hit by 7.9 magnitude earthquake with reports of collapsed buildings in Kathmandu and strong tremors felt across the Himalayan nation and parts of India – follow latest updates

People free a man from the rubble of a destroyed building after an earthquake hit Nepal, in Kathmandu, Nepal, 25 April 2015.

People try to free a man from the rubble of a destroyed building after an earthquake hit Kathmandu in Nepal Photo: EPA
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Powerful earthquake hits Nepal with tremors felt in Delhi
Fatalities in both Nepal and India
Avalanche on Everest
• Collapsed buildings and widespread damage
• Initially measured at 7.5 magnitude, the quake later adjusted to 7.9


More pictures showing the scene at Everest base camp:


A picture apparently showing the Everest avalanche:


The first aid plane has landed in Kathmandu – the airport is expected to be closed for two days to commercial flights:

People walk on a damaged road in Kathmandu (Shutterstock/Rex)


Google has launched a ‘person finder‘ for worries friends, relatives and collagues of people potentially caught up in the Nepal earthquake.


The death toll has risen to 718 people across four countries – and ten deaths now reported at Everest base camp.

A Nepalese man stands with his dog as rescue workers remove debris at Durbar Square after an earthquake in Kathmandu AP


Sean James, a 44-year-old British man who lives in Dubai, was at the north side of Everest base camp. He told The Telegraph:

QuoteI am a professional climber – I’ve been in the mountains a few times with avalanches, but not one this big.

We were doing admin at the time when the earthquake started, we just jumped out of our tents. When the earthquake struck – it’s like a boat, you won’t believe it. You feel like you will fall over, it’s rocking and physical, you think they earth might open up and swallow you.

We were climbing from the south. I’ve worked on the mountains on the south side – it’s a lot more popular. It’s near the Kumbu icefall – it’s very dangerous. They fall anyway without earthquakes because they melt. They put ladders to cross it. Even if there’s a small quake it’s dangerous.

Everyone on the north side is fine. One of the guys in the south side has said he’s OK – another hasn’t replied. The climbing community is a small world. You know people who are there. We’re keen to find out about our sherpas and their families in Kathmandu.

I’m wondering about the roads to get back – the pass is often obstructed by landslides.We had just come down from about 7000 metres, where we had been for seven days. We left sherpas there to fix the camps, and we came down for a break for rest.

Local TV shows images of destruction in Kathmandu (www.unpixs.com)


Video from India’s Times Now channel of a climber speaking from Everest:


Telegraph video of the remains of the 19th century tower that collapsed in Kathmandu:



The Nepal death toll is now 618.


Flights to Kathmandu have been suspended.

Climbing company Jagged Globe has teams at Everest. It said:

QuoteWe have received some information from Nepal. We have two teams in Kathmandu. They are our Mera Peak Expedition that left the UK on April 3 and our Annapurna Circuit team that started on April 9. Members of these teams are safe in the Summit Hotel, Kathmandu.

We await status reports from other teams: Dhaulagiri Circuit, Everest, Mera and Island Peak, Private Dhaulagiri Circuit (David Eldor) and a film team in Gorak Shep associated with the Everest expedition. We will report team’s status as when possible.


At least 8 dead at Everest base camp. Nepal tourism official Gyanendra Shrestha says:

QuoteThe toll could go up, it may include foreigners as well as sherpas.

A road blocked by a landslide in Gyirong County of Xigaze Prefecture, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region (Xinhua/Corbis)


A Nepal tourism official has confirmed that part of Everest base camp was burried by the avalanche.


The death toll has reason to 449, Nepal police have just announced.

An injured child lies on the ground outside the Medicare Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal (AP)


Alex Staniforth, 19, from Cheshire, was at Everest base camp when the avalanche hit.

It is his second attempt to climb to the summit after his 2014 expedition was scrapped following the avalanche tragedy last year.

Epilepsy sufferer Alex, who became the youngest person to complete the National 3 Peaks Cycle challenge solo last October, told his support team he was “shaken”.


Eric Arnold, from Rotterdam, a climber on Everest, said he thought someone was shaking his tent as a joke before realising it was an earthquake.

He said he opened his tent to see three curtains of snow falling down.


There are now pictures of earthquake damage in Tibet:

People stand near collapsed houses in Nyalam County of Xigaze Prefecture, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region AP


Video of chaos on the streets of Kathmandu:


The Telegraph’s Dean Nelson reports from Delhi:

QuoteI was sitting at my desk when the tremors began – at first it seemed like the rumbling of heavy truck rattling the windows of our home in central Delhi. But then my desk began shaking and I remembered the Kashmir earthquake in 2005 which felt exactly the same.

My youngest son was staying with a friend at his high-rise apartment in Gurgaon, the modern satellite town on the outskirts of Delhi. I called to check he was safe and he, his friend and his family were breathlessly clambering down the stairs from the fifteenth floor – their skyscraper was swaying in the aftershocks and everyone in the block was rushing to evacuate. All returned to their flats some time later, but the fear of earthquakes, especially in the capital’s high rises is very real.


A Foreign Office spokesman said:

QuoteWe are aware of reports of an earthquake in Nepal. We are urgently looking into it. Our thoughts are with all those affected. Our Embassy staff stand ready to help any British nationals who may need assistance.

People search for survivors stuck under the rubble of a destroyed building, after an earthquake caused serious damage in Kathmandu EPA


More from climbers on Everest:


More reports on Twitter of the avalanche on Everest:


The death toll, as expected, is rising rapidly. Nepal police now saying 108 people dead.

People search in a buildings rubble in Kathmandu AP


Kathmandu main civil hospital has counted 36 bodies so far, Reuters reports.


‘Possibly hundreds dead’

Krishna Prasad Dhakal, the deputy chief of mission at Nepal’s embassy in New Delhi, tells AFP:

QuoteWe have received reports that there is a big loss of property and life in Nepal.

Possibly hundreds of people have died in various parts of the country, particularly in Kathmandu and Pokhara.


There are reports that there has been an avalanche on Everest, with base camp damaged and Camp 1 swept away. Climbers are apparently missing according to social media reports, which are currently not possible to verify:

People search for survivors stuck under the rubble of a destroyed building, after an earthquake caused serious damage in Kathmandu, Nepal EPA


Pictures are dropping of the collapsed tower in Kathmandu:

The Darahara Tower in Kathmandu, before and after the earthquake (Alamy & AFP/Getty)


Around a dozen bodies have been taken away from the ruins of the Dharhara tower in the centre of the capital, AFP reports

Dharahara tower

The Dharara Tower, built in 1832, was a historic landmark that had been open to visitors for the last 10 years and had a viewing balcony on its eighth floor.

One body was removed from the tower and a second lay further up the road, the witness said. It was not immediately clear how many people were in the multi-storey tower when it collapsed.

A man walks past a collapsed building in Kathmandu AP


Kathmandu’s landmark Dharahara tower collapses after quake, AFP reports citing a witness

Injured people receive treatment outside the Medicare Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal AP


A 15-year-old girl has been killed in northern India after the earthquake brought down the wall of her home in a village near the border with Nepal.


Initially measured at 7.5 magnitude, the quake has been adjusted to 7.9, with a depth of 15 kilometres, the USGS said. It hit 68 kilometres east of the tourist town of Pokhara.


First reports of fatalities. A girl has been killed in a town outside Kathmandu by a falling statue in a park.

The epicentre of the earthquake


Dozens of people with injuries were being brought to the main hospital in central Kathmandu. There was no immediate estimate on fatalities.

Several buildings collapsed in the center of the capital, including centuries-old temples,


An AFP reporter in Kathmandu says:

QuoteThe walls of houses have collapsed around me onto the road. All the families are outside in their yards huddled together. The tremors are still going on.

People take refuge at a school after the earthquake struck (REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar)


The United States Geological Survey said the earthquake was 7.5 magnitude, while other reports put it at 7.7 magnitude.

A shake map released by the US Geological Survey (USGS) shows the location of the 7.5 magnitude earthquake

08.20 London (13.05 Kathmandu, 12.50 Delhi)

Hello – welcome to our live coverage of a powerful earthquake that has struckKathmandu – and caused tremors across the region.


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