Today in Indian History
Events for May 6

6-May-1529 Babur Shah, Mughal Emperior, defeated Afghan Nawab Nasrat Shah, king of Bengal, on the banks of the Gand and the Ghaghra river.
6-May-1589 Mian Tansen, famous singer of Akbar’s court, died at Gwalior.
6-May-1680 Chatrapati Rajaram Maharaj was crowned.
6-May-1775 Nanda Kumar, king of Calcutta, was arrested.
6-May-1861 Motilal Gangadhar Nehru, great Indian lawyer, political leader and social reformer, was born at Agra.
6-May-1910 Edward VII, King of Great Britain and Emperor of India, died suddenly of pneumonia at Buckingham Palace tonight. He ruled Britain for nine years. Power passed immediately to his son George, the Prince of Wales, who will rule as King George V. The 68-year-old monarch’s sudden death threw his country into a state of shock. Edward had apparently caught a cold during a visit the past weekend to the wet grounds of his estate at Sandringham.
6-May-1916 Edward VII passed away at London.
6-May-1922 Chhatrapati Rajarshi Shahu, great revolutionary, freedom fighter and social reformer of Kolhapur, passed away at Bombay. He was 48.
6-May-1944 Mahatma Gandhi was released unconditionally from his last imprisonment from Aga Khan Palace at Pune.
6-May-1946 Bhulabhai Desai, great politician, passed away.
6-May-1948 India rejected the Security Council’s plan for UN supervision over plebiscite in Kashmir.
6-May-1952 Dr. Rajendra Prasad re-elected the President of India “”Rashtrapati”” after the first Presidential election held under the Indian constitut
6-May-1952 Maria Montessori, pioneer in mordern education, who spent almost 10 years in India, died in Noordwijk aan Zee. The principles and techiques advocated by her are also applied to the education of handicapped children and adult education.
6-May-1967 Dr. Zakir Hussain elected President.
6-May-1971 D. Sen became the director of Central Bureau of Investigation (till 29/03/77).
6-May-1971 India refutes allegations that it has meddled in Pakistan’s civil war.
6-May-1993 Violence in Orissa state secretariat, CM manhandled.
6-May-1997 12 persons killed and eight seriously injured in two blasts in east Delhi.
6-May-2000 Saurav Ganguly wins the Ceat International Cricketer of the Year award 1999-2000.
6-May-2000 Benoy Krishna Chowdhury (89), veteran freedom fighter and prominent CPI(M) leader, died at a Government Hospital in Calcutta.

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