1. O P Jindal – A Tribute

      Shri. Om Prakash Jindal, Founder Chairman of the Jindal Group was born on August 7, 1930, to a farmer in Nalwa village of Hisar district in Haryana. Having interest in technology from a young age, he started his industrial career with a humble bucket-manufacturing unit in Hisar in 1952. In 1964, he commissioned a pipe unit, Jindal India Limited followed by a large factory in 1969 under the name of Jindal Strips Limited.

      Shri. Jindal envisioned a self-reliant India in every sector of industry. To fructify this vision, he gathered the latest technical know-how from around the world and strengthened his industrial establishment.

      Recognising his outstanding contribution to the Indian steel industry, Shri. O. P. Jindal was conferred the prestigious ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry in November 2004.

      A visionary who is remembered for his business excellence and social responsibilities alike, Shri Jindal believed that without the upliftment of weak and backward sections of society, a nation can never prosper. Thus, he spent a lot of time to alleviate poverty and boost the backward sections of the society.

      He was above caste politics and wanted to ensure a rightful place for every individual in politics, regardless of his caste, colour and creed. He firmly believed that all differences could be amicably resolved through meaningful dialogues. With this conviction, he forayed into politics and attained great success there as well. He was elected a Member of the Haryana Legislative Assembly three times and a Member of Parliament in the 11th Lok Sabha, from the Kurukshetra constituency of Haryana, with a landslide victory in 1996. He also served as the Minister of Power, Govt. of Haryana. His multifarious career was tragically cut short with his accidental death on March 31, 2005.

      “Where others saw walls, he saw doors” – that is how Shri. Jindal’s vision has been expressed. His journey from a humble origin to being a successful industrialist, a philanthropist, a politician and a leader, will be a great source of inspiration for generations to come.

      website : www.opjindal.com

  1. Om Prakash Jindal
    Indian legislator
  2. Om Prakash Jindal, popularly known as O.P. Jindal, was born in Hisar, Haryana. He established a successful business enterprise Jindal Steel and Power under the flagship of the Jindal Organization, of which he was the chairman. Wikipedia
  3. Born: August 7, 1930, Hisar
  4. Died: March 31, 2005, Saharanpur
  5. Spouse: Savitri Jindal (m. 1970–2005)
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Om Prakash Jindal

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Om Prakash Jindal
Minister of Power, Government of Haryana
In office
Constituency Hisar Legislative Assembly seat
Personal details
Born 7 August 1930
Hissar, Haryana, India[1]
Died 31 March 2005 (Aged 74)
Political party INC
Spouse(s) Savitri Jindal
Children 4 sons
Residence Hisar
Religion Hinduism

Om Prakash Jindal (Hindi: ओम प्रकाश जिन्दल) (7 August 1930 – 31 March 2005), popularly known as O.P. Jindal, was born in Hisar, Haryana. He established a successful business enterprise Jindal Steel and Powerunder the flagship of the Jindal Organization, of which he was the chairman. In November 2004, Jindal was awarded the prestigious “Life Time Achievement Award” for his outstanding contribution to the Indian Steel Industry by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. According to the latest Forbes List, he was ranked 13th amongst the richest Indians and placed 548th amongst the richest persons of the world.[2]

Jindal was appointed Minister of Power in the Government of Haryana. He won the Hisar Legislative Assembly seat of Haryana three times consecutively. He was also a Member of the Committee on Food, Civil Supplies and Public Distribution from 1996 to 1997.

Jindal was elected to the Haryana Vidhan Sabha (the Haryana state government) in February 2005, and was the Minister of Power in the Government of Haryana at the time of his death. He was the Chairman of the N.C. Jindal Charitable Trust; Patron and Trustee of Agroha Vikas Trust and Agroha Medical College.

His 4 sons, Prithviraj Jindal, Sajjan Jindal, Ratan Jindal and Naveen Jindal now run the steel and power empire. His widow Savitri Jindal was Minister of State for Revenue, Disaster Management, Rehabilitation and Housing in Haryana state government,[3] while his son Naveen was a member of the Parliament of India.

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